I recently gave this interview to David Bixenspan for Gizmodo. Thanks to my friend Annemarie Bridy for sending him my way, and for giving great explanations of how the DMCA works and why the Internet Archive is wise to respond quickly and decisively to legit takedown notices. As I told David, rightsholders and others fret sometimes about whether entities like the Internet Archive are really “libraries,” but the law already handles that issue pretty well, with a fairly permissive definition that encompasses any institution that has collections open to the public, or to relevant researchers. The rights that libraries have are important, but they’re also sufficiently modest that making them available to anyone who meets minimum criteria doesn’t pose any risk to copyright holders.

Anyway read the whole thing. It’s a weird story that starts with a pro wrestler-turned-right-wing-nut whose legal name, no joke, was “Warrior.”

When the Internet Archive Forgets