Happy Friday! Last week the Supreme Court dropped three opinions that libraries have been waiting for with fear and trepidation: Warhol, Gonzalez, and Twitter. In a brief interview with my UVA Library colleague Molly Minturn, I shared the upshot of these opinions for libraries and the students, scholars, and community members we serve. Check it out here: What recent Supreme Court rulings on copyright and terrorism mean for libraries.

Warhol's "Orange Prince," a portrait of the musician in Warhol's distinctive screen print style.

Photo of Andy Warhol’s silkscreen portrait of Prince, “Orange Prince” (1984), posted here under fair use.

And as a chaser, I co-wrote a piece about the implications of the Warhol opinion for filmmakers with my friends Peter Jaszi and Pat Aufderheide, published online by Filmmaker magazine here: Warhol v. Goldsmith: a Narrow Decision Preserves Fair Use As We Know It for Filmmakers.