This week’s guest post comes from Dave Ghamandi, Open Publishing Librarian, and gives an update on the work he’s doing at Aperio, the open access publishing house that lives at the UVA Library.

The Journal of Modern Philosophy now included in the Directory of Open Access Journals

The Journal of Modern Philosophy (JMPHIL), Aperio’s first publication, has been selected for inclusion in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). The DOAJ indexes high-quality, open access journals that are peer-reviewed and meet other quality standards. This is quite a milestone for JMPHIL’s editors, authors, board, and reviewers. The journal launched just last year and is co-edited by Antonia LoLordo (UVA philosophy professor) and Aaron Garrett (Boston University).

JMPHIL finds itself in good company in DOAJ, which raised its standards for inclusion in 2014. DOAJ indexes nearly 14,000 journals that make all their articles immediately and freely available on the web, with little or no restrictions on reuse. Their standards have gone a long way in demonstrating the credibility of open access journals and serving the authors of the research and scholarship that it indexes. DOAJ journals become more attractive places to publish in because of the index’s quality assurance and ability to generate wider dissemination, increased visibility, and web traffic for its articles.

JMPHIL’s success in such a short period of time is largely a reflection of the tireless work, vision, and determination of its co-editors-in-chief, Antonia and Aaron. As their publisher, Aperio is happy to share in their success and continue to provide our editors and authors with a high-level of service. We invite you to see how this journal is filling a niche in the philosophy discipline, while remaining free for both authors and readers, by visiting it at

Coming Soon: Public Domain Song Anthology

We are excited to share that our forthcoming release, the Public Domain Song Anthology, is in the final stages of production. This song anthology will feature nearly 400 songs that are in the public domain and includes modern and traditional harmonizations by David Berger and Chuck Israels.

This work will be Aperio’s first open educational resource and is a multi-institutional partnership with Johns Hopkins University and the Music Library Association. We envision this work having broad usage including being a part of music study inside and outside of the academy. It has also been created with the ability for amateur and professional musicians to use, play, share, and build upon. Our musicians’ contributions to the project will be added to the public domain as well.

This work will be available in a variety of file formats, in order to increase its accessibility and usability.

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